OSVALDO PATANI - Light and Colour

The energetic paintings of Aldo Rota are as wonderfully colorful as the man himself. He is art's best friend with an exceptional humanity and respect for the artist. I believe that as a child he was told the tale of the silver coloured moon in the dark sky that had captured two fundamental colours, ( black and white ), to divide the twenty-four hours of the day. It's from this moment that Rota becomes the Italian embalmer of colorful joy, in works of ample size. These are paintings that have to be seen and enjoyed in their complete brilliancy. Their moulded material is rich in cultural ambition and often changes in atmosphere, even in the same piece of work. They can make us feel less alone. The colours that he loves so compound and which give cheerfulness becoming special friends to the eyes. No pictorial force of gravity brings down his paintings, because Rota paints fast, fueled by his mind and a penetrating imagination; a way of painting that speaks to our intelligence and tries to understand the secrets of the beyond - image, dreamt of in the heart of art. Sometimes, in his solitude, like the Italian expressionist Lorenzo Viani, he doesn't hesitate to destroy the works that do not satisfy him entirely. In his pictures you won't find any nostalgia of earlier paintings with emphasized images, because he brightens them up with an abstract colorist transformation, laboriously developed in his work with spatulas, marten paint-brushes, drips and strong hands marked by the beyond painting, intended for the eyes of a "connoisseur". At times, you can almost feel a long lost American relative. ( Jackson Pollock ). Rota works only when inspired and always keeps tubes of paint en plain air within reach trying to match the works with the colors of the rainbow, mixing them with other elaborate tonalities such as opalescent green, ruby red, marron glacé, colchicum lilac, opaque black, batiste white, yellow Van Gogh, bottle green, narrating the secret life of his pictorial garden, exceptionally naturalistic, to reveal, understand and breath this special paint into a decisive encounter wth the work itself. His painting does not rise from the easel. For Aldo Rota painting is a way to be, the canvas or the board leaning against the wall or lying down on the ground is an arena in which he can struggle, fight and act, bringing his chromatic orchestration with colourism to extreme consequences. Rota is a painter without age who tries to investigate himself in greater depth. He paints at night, hiding when life's music is asleep. He looks for paradise on earth in the colours, for demanding collectors who have absorbed Picasso's teachings. Poussin believed that... colours are the flaterries that persuade the eyes, just like the beauty of a poem's verse....Aldo Rota's painting, with their light and colour, helps us understand the poetry of art.