OSVALDO PATANI - Light and Colour

The energetic paintings of Aldo Rota are as wonderfully colorful as the man himself.

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ADA MASOERO - Energy, colour, matter

Energy and colour are both in a pure and primary state.

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ROBERTO BARAVALLE - Under the skin

On the subject of a recent exhibition in Milano of the works of Aldo Rota, Luciano Caprole elaborated on the characteristics of his painting such as the absolute freedom of expression that is not linked to models or movements, the use of clear, bright colours, the cultural nomadism insinuated by the chosen subjects.

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LEA MATTARELLA - Freedom and silence

All those who have written about Aldo Rota - from Ada Masoero to Osvaldo Patani, from Victor De Circasia to Marina Mojana - have emphasized that his paintings give energy and feed from colour.

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